China’s Green Revolution

“It doesn’t matter the colour of the cat, as long as it catches the mice” – this Chinese proverb paved the way for Chinas growth. But now China has become a black cat… Continue reading

Copy Cats

  China is well known for not respecting intellectual property. Then again, most people don’t actually know how to protect their work. Nevertheless, the Chinese continue to make copycat products from fake iPhones… Continue reading

The Simpsons Intro by Banksy

When the famous street artist was asked to story board for the Simpsons intro this is what he came up with. It raises issues about western lifestyles dependancy on harsh working conditions and… Continue reading

People’s Republic of Capitalism

Cheap labour is the engine of today’s economy. That’s a fact. And manual labour doesn’t come much cheaper than it does in China – it’s about 10% of what it costs in the… Continue reading

Made In China

We’re almost a month into the new year – but for the Chinese, new year is just around the corner. On February 10th the year of the dragon will end as the year… Continue reading