Thistle and Bamboo

Throughout my studies in the ‘Made In China’ module I have developed a profound interest in the growing consumer market in China and the economic, social and cultural shifts that are taking place… Continue reading

Poorly Made In China

Poorly Made In China by Paul Midler gives a unique insight into the china production game. Midler holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and a master′s in international studies from the… Continue reading

How Creativity Is Changing China

As a product design student with a growing interest in China, How Creativity Is Changing China by Li Wuwei grabbed my attention as a way of getting to know the scope for creativity… Continue reading

Factory Girls

To help further my understanding of China, I read Factory Girls by Leslie Chang, an insight to the lives of a few of the millions upon millions of young female migrants who move… Continue reading

Tian Tian & Yang Guang

On December 4th, 2011, two giant pandas arrived at Edinburgh Zoo after a 9 hour flight from China. Tian Tian & Yang Guang are the first pandas to live in the UK for… Continue reading

Sport In China

Although China has long been associated with martial arts, sport in China today consists of a wide variety of competitive sports, both Western and traditionally Chinese. The country has its own national quadrennial multi-sport event similar to the Olympic Games,… Continue reading

Chinese Inventions

As a product design student, innovation is key to being successful. In the ancient world there weren’t many civilisations more innovative than the Chinese. Let’s have look at some of things they gave… Continue reading


In a study of generations in China we decided to focus on the differences between elderly, middle-aged and young Chinese people in their upbringing and attitudes towards money, education and other cultural aspects… Continue reading

Hutongs and Siheyuan

Hutongs are buildings commonly found in cities like Beijing. They follow a basic pattern that consists of a quadrangle with a central courtyard and lanes. These days, Hutongs tend to be quite run… Continue reading

China Blue by Teddy Bear Films

During our last session we watched a documentary film about young girls working in a jeans factory in China. Jasmine is one of 130 million migrant workers who travel from all over the… Continue reading